2020. 06. 06
Parametric Architecture
The Landmark by Lien Jade Real Estate

Standing at 192 metres, The Landmark by Lien Jade Real Estate is the tallest building in central Taiwan. The neo-classical facade, eye-widening interior, and obsession to detail caused a stir in the commercial office sector when it was unveiled.

It is simply described as “the epitome of luxury working space”. Lien Jade Real Estate is well-known internationally for its hands-on approach to every aspect in the development of its properties, as can be observed in their luxurious condominiums. Founded in 1994, Lien Jade Real Estate has been catering to the residential sector, having completed 13 residential projects, and only completing its first commercial office building in 2019.


Since its unveiling, The Landmark has been the talk of Taiwan, attracting multinational companies to move into their new global headquarters.


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